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RT's high-performance Internet infrastructure blends virtual cloud, hosting and gameserver services across a global network of data centers.


RineTech.com (RineTech Internet Private Limited) is an Internet Services & Hosting Company located in the Bihar, India offering services from development to deployment of your application and much more. Our game server is one of best in the market with lowest available latency for a better experience. Support is a must feature in today's market & poor support is a nightmare, thereby we strive to provide you best support you can get from us. Our team focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction as they are the key factors for a successful business venture.

Our goal is to achieve excellence by managing our clients with profound integrity and respect. We aim to provide innovative solutions for our clients at an affordable price point. We are proud to have some of the most experienced and motivated individuals who are passionate about providing a better level of service each day.

We ensure performance in many ways:

  • By purchasing and colocating the latest in server hardware, including (as of this writing) the fastest machines available on a dual-socket platform, and by never overloading our machines
  • Through extensive, advanced automated systems that constantly monitor our network and directly handle downed machines and load-balancing, notify us of any network outages and slowdowns, and efficiently handling server creations and upgrades
  • With premium InterNAP bandwidth, which is the highest-quality single source of transit available and links us up with all the major National Service Providers (NSPs), including Level(3)/Global Crossing, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Verio/NTT, and Savvis. You will rock in EU server even if you are in Asia.
  • With contineous upgrade or old system you can be sure that you will get what you pay for. We keep on upgrading old outdated hardware to new much better to keep our server performance at par with the market.

Our Game server advantages:

  • Best gaming network in Europe,Asian & United States
    Low latency networks and high bandwidth is the most important ingredient when it comes to online gaming. We has its game servers located in state of the art datacenters in over 6 locations world wide in Europe, Asia and the United States.
  • Monthly cancelable
    A game server is monthly cancelable. You never have to pay to cancel, you are not obligated to anything. No contract end terms, just cancel your payment through PayPal and you are free to go.
  • Switch Games, Slots, Locations... Instantly!
    You can change your game server at any specific moment you wish, as many times you wish. Increasing or decreasing the number of slots. Moving your game server to one of our 11 datacenters. Switching between an equally priced game.
  • Free customer service
    You can always contact the our Customer service by Email and a Support Ticket. Those preferring a social network, we are on Facebook and Twitter to assist you with your game server as well!

Learn from the best

We look beyond our own industry for inspiration. We grow by learning from other great companies.

Get shit done

We work hard and smart. We define our goals and work towards them with extreme attention to detail.

Work hard play hard

We love our PlayStation, Oculus Rift, and Nerf gun. Working should be fun, so that’s what we make it.

Gaming is about fun, so you get

  • Free Setup
  • Free MySQL server
  • Clan payment
  • Custom Control Panel
  • Mail, Twitter & Facebook Support
  • 1000 Mbit/s connection
  • No long term contracts - simply stop paying
  • Unlimited data traffic for your game server
  • Free locations switches

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Our History

  • The Matrix hits theaters. Hollywood's first 100% accurate depiction of working in IT and development.

  • Our founders created as a modest startup business to serve a few clients to host websites and gameserers.

  • We expanded our business to domain registration, vps and website development along with gameservers. Launched services at 3 datacenters around the globe. i.e, US, Netherlands and Germany.

  • As our web hosting company grows, we decided to pick a new name. Rine Technologies is chosen and rinetech.com was registered.

  • We heavily upgraded our infrastructure & decided to use Plesk for as our web host management software.

  • Launched Singapore datacenter for asian customers. And Premium VPS hosting at premium datacenters.

  • We survived demonetisation because we are digital ;). Added SSD & DDoS protection for free to all web hosting packages.

  • We launched our brand new website. You love it, right? You really love it. We doubled the storage & bandwidth of all hosting packages for free.

Loved By 501 Peoples

Who will provide you web designing for $30? Any relative or friend, They are not even my relative neither friend but they did and yes they treated me like I am their friend. Awesome Support Awesome Website designed by them and as always you guys are awesome.

Gaurhari Dolai
CEO, fasttrainhousekeeping.in

I just wanted to say to thanks Mark For this Awesome Support and Rinetech Without your helpful support there was no way I would be up and running now. So to anyone who wants VPS or any other services get from Rinetech without any doubt.

Philip Cooper
Gamer & Streamer

I had a lot of problems with other hosting companies, until I found RineTech. They offer me an excellent hosting service, a high quality-support and a good price too. I recommend it widely!

Harsh Singh
Owner, www.duexperts.in

In all honesty, it’s probably the best I’ve had in years. Before switching to Rinetech, I had 1 host who copied my files, , and the last one just never setup my account. In terms of speed, I’m satisfied. I was surprised how well my 1GB VPS ran. The only bad thing from my opinion is their bandwidth seems little low for me although its more then enough for others.

Vikas Kapadiya
Blogger & Designer

Ahh Omg, Everything they provide will be the best you can get in whole internet.Got 3 Gameservers from them for very Cheap prices according to what others offering and I was little doubtfull will it be good or bad but they overcame from what I expected such an awesome server with so less latency. #love you rinetech.

Dante Avila
Founder, |SET| Clan

2 words - "The" - "Best"
Low latency servers, Server Up-Time 24/7, Extremely Helpful staff, Fast Reaction to problems.
I Myself have a Server hosted by Rinetech, and till now i Have not encountered any issues whether regarding the hosting or the staff.
5/5 by me.

Zohaib Tanveer
Leader, Focus Clan