Term of Service


The use of services provided by RineTech Internet Private Limited on rinetech.com (referred to as “RineTech”) constitutes agreement to the following Terms and Conditions.

General Terms

We make no representation that the domain name you wish to register is capable of being registered by or for you or that it will be registered in your name. You should not assume registration of your requested domain name(s) until you have been notified that it has been registered.

The registration and use of your domain name is subject to the terms and conditions of use applied by the relevant naming authority; ICANN in the case of .COM/NET/ORG and other regional domain authorities for the various country specific domains, you shall ensure that you are aware of those terms and conditions and that you comply with them. You shall have no right to bring any claim against us in respect of refusal to register a domain name. Any administration charge paid by you to us shall be non-refundable inspite of refusal by the naming authority to register your desired name.

RineTech is not responsible for any damages your business may suffer. RineTech does not make implied or written warranties for any of our services. RineTech denies any warranty or merchantability for a specific purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by RineTech.

RineTech reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Refund Policy

RineTech offers a 7-day moneyback guarantee. A claim may only be made within the first 7 days starting from the Service Commencement date; provided that the foregoing guarantee is valid only for new customers, and no re-subscribers can request the refund under the foregoing provisions. The 7-day refund does not cover added-on fees, domain name registration, SSL certificates and promo/discount offers etc. RineTech reserves the right to refuse the moneyback guarantee if it believes that a User is abusing the refund policy that’s been offered in goodwill or if the User is abusing RineTech’s Terms of Service.

Any funds sent to RineTech which are in excess of the amount owed can only be reimbursed in credit and cannot be refunded

General Terms & Policies

The Service is provided to authorised persons or organisations (referred to in this document as “Subscriber” or “you”). Any use of the service is subject to any restrictions listed below. By using the Service, you agree to be bound by all of these Terms and Policies. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Policies, you must cancel your account immediately and may not thereafter use or attempt to use the Service.

Coverage – If you are an individual Subscriber, these Terms and Policies apply to all persons who gain access through your account. If you are a commercial Subscriber, these Terms and Policies apply to all your employees, agents and/or customers. In either instance, a violation of these Terms and Policies by anyone using your account will be treated as a violation by you.

Term – The Service is provided to you for as long as you wish to use it, however we withhold the right to terminate the service if you use it in a way that violates the terms of use.

Acceptable Usage Policy

This AUP governs the use of RineTech’s web hosting service. Violation will result in suspension or termination of the User’s service. In the event of a dispute between RineTech and User regarding the interpretation of the AUP, RineTech’s commercially reasonable interpretation of the AUP shall govern. Please contact RineTech if you have any questions about our AUP. Illegal content such as pirated software, music or other media are strictly prohibited and are not allowed on RineTech servers.

Shared Services:

Resources such as MySQL databases, subdomains, POP3 mail accounts, SMTP mail accounts, FTP accounts should not be used and created in such a way that can potentially have adverse effects on the normal optimal operation of our services.

Accounts should not exceed the limits as enforced by our FUP.

Virtual Private Servers:

If RineTech in good faith believes your resource usage (CPU / hard drive and network connectivity usage) is and/or will potentially have negative effects on the normal optimal operation of our normal optimal operation of our services, we reserve the right to request you to upgrade to a dedicated server or a higher plan or suspend for temporary purpose.

If a "Fair-Use" breach occurs, which's determination is solely up to RineTech, subscriber may have to remove files from or reduce access to subscriber's account to an extent as determined by RineTech, in order to restore full serviceability to other subscribers affected by the breach. In any case, the subscriber will be notified of any actions that RineTech may have to take.


You understand and agree that information and access available through the Service may include controversial, sexually explicit, or other material that may be offensive to you or users for whom you are responsible. RineTech has no responsibility for or control over such materials, and you take sole responsibility for using any available screening software or other methods of limiting access (specifically including the access of minors) to any material you may find objectionable.


All billing disputes must be brought to RineTech' attention by opening a ticket with our billing department within 45 days from the days of payment.

You agree that any dispute between you and RineTech arising out of your use of the Service on in any way based upon your subscription to and/or use of the Service which cannot be resolved between you and RineTech will be submitted by the aggrieved party for binding arbitration.

Cancellation Procedure

Cancellation requests must be submitted through the client area. To do this, open a ticket with our Billing department.

It is your responsibility to ensure any paypal subscriptions and/or recurring Credit Card subscriptions that you may have setup are cancelled, RineTech will not be responsible for any funds paid to us in excess and will not refund them.

Cancellations must be submitted before the invoice for that billing cycle is generated or at least 7 days before renewal. Failure to do so will result in the invoice being due. Cancellation requests can only be submitted if the account has no due invoices. Cancellation requests submitted after the invoice has been raised will incur a late cancellation fee.


RineTech performs nightly backups of shared hosting servers; however, these backups are for RineTech's administrative purposes only, and are in NO WAY GUARANTEED! Customers are responsible for maintaining their own backups on their own personal computers. RineTech does not provide any sort of compensation for lost or incomplete data in the event that backups do not function properly (even if the malfunction was due to negligence on RineTech' part). We will do our best to ensure complete and accurate backups, but assume no responsibility for this duty. Always back your site up to your personal computer! We make no guarantees about the availability of backups. We donot back VPS or Dedicated Servers.

Offensive Content

By using RineTech’s services, you agree that you will not publish or transmit any content that falls under the following parameters:

  • Child pornography
  • Bestiality and Zoophilia pornographies
  • Excessive violence
  • Copyright infringement
  • Promotes illegal activity
  • Spam or Fraud


These Terms and Policies may be amended in any respect at any time by RineTech upon the posting of the amended Terms & Policies on the terms of use section of the Service. Your continued use of the Service will be deemed consent to any such amended Terms and Policies. If you do not wish to continue to use the Service as a result of any such amended Terms and Policies, you may provide notice of your wish to terminate your use of the Service to RineTech.